• Population: approx. 345,000
  • Area: 1.2 sq miles (inner wall) | 5.9 sq miles (outer wall) | 108.2 sq miles (peninsula)

The population in Byrock is owed to the inhabitants of Oldwell who fled the fires and earthquakes three hundred years ago. Much of Oldwell is inhabitable again, but most choose to stay on the peninsula, believing it to be blessed. The population within the walls is only about 5,000. Due to the city’s remote location, trade and industry was largely abandoned for agrarian and livestock development.

Many races and cultures live within Byrock. Centuries of close contact have resulted in much blending and cooperation that may otherwise never have developed.


Byrock is governed by City Council. The Council is comprised of elected representatives (1 per Guild and 1 per geographical district). Council members may serve up to two consecutive 1-yr terms.


Records are scarce and legends are plenty when it comes to the history of Byrock and Oldwell. Approximately three centuries ago, a series of fires and earthquakes devastated most of Oldwell. Byrock survived, though how is the subject of much mystery and research. City Historians and Archivists work with adventurers and travelers to gather any documents and artifacts that may have survived.


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